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Michael E. Rogozinski, P.E.
Manager, Landfill Gas Construction 

Mike Rogozinski is a founding member of Continuum Environmental Services, Ltd.  Mr. Rogozinski possesses over 35 years of experience in engineering and design, including 25 years in the solid waste industry.  As a Professional Engineer, he has extensive experience in the design and construction of landfill gas systems, migration control, collection systems, LFG transmission lines and landfill gas end-use facilities.   He developed plans and specifications for wells, piping systems, condensate removal facilities, gas flaring/electricity generating/utilization facilities, equipment, controls and all appurtenances associated with landfill gas control/collection, including landfill gas utilization projects.  Most recently, Mr. Rogozinski lead the Construction Division of American Environmental Group, Ltd. (AEG).  He was responsible for engineering and managing 10 construction crews, 4 drilling crews with revenues in excess of $20 million.  Mr. Rogozinski holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Baldwin Wallace University.  



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